Fitness and Sports Wearable Devices

Product Overview

The Epson’s wearable products include the Epson Pulsense activity tracker, the Epson Runsense running watch, and the Epson M-Tracer golf swing analyzer. Develop or port an existing application to Epson’s wearable hardware platform today.

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Epson Prosense

Epson offers a line of lightweight, water-resistant Prosense sports monitors that offer a highly accurate GPS tracking to help you measure your distance, pace, heart rate, and stride characteristics. Runsense products have great battery life and are some of the most accurate fitness wearables on the market. Epson offers a Runsense Web API for developers who wish to integrate Runsense user data into their software systems.

Epson Pulsense

Epson supports a line of lightweight Pulsense activity trackers which track fitness statistics such as heart rate, steps, sleep quality, and calories burned. Epson Pulsense products also come equipped with an optical heart rate monitor, while still offering long battery life. Epson offers a Pulsense Web API for developers who wish to integrate Pulsense user data into their software systems.

Epson M-Tracer

The Epson M-Tracer Golf Swing Analyzer is a highly accurate club-mounted wearable product that measures different details and statistics of your club swing and provides instant access to your swing data via a mobile app.

Please contact us if you wish to begin integrating Epson Wearable Products into your software system, or want access to technical materials such as API or SDK documentation.

Technical Resource for Fitness and Sports Wearable Devices

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