TWAIN Programming Guide Overview


This document describes specification of TWAIN interface of Epson scanner driver for application vendors.
Although there are several version and names of Epson’s scanner driver, EPSON Scan, EPSON TWAIN and
EPSON TWAIN Pro, they are generally called EPSON TWAIN driver in this document. Some behaviors
may vary depends on its version.

The reader of this document is assumed to have knowledge of TWAIN specifications. TWAIN specification is
obtained from the web site of TWAIN Working Group

TWAIN Specification

TWAIN is a protocol between device driver of imaging device, (such as scanner or digital still camera), and
application software. In the TWAIN specifications, software that controls imaging device is called “Data
Source” and a software module called “Data Source Manager” lies between application and data source to
organize communication between application and data source.

Supported Specification in EPSON Scanners

Following is a table of the combination between EPSON Scan version and TWAIN version.

EPSON Scan Ver. 1.0x~Ver. 3.5x TWAIN 1.7
EPSON Scan Ver. 3.6x TWAIN 1.9 is supported at Ver3.64 or later
EPSON Scan Ver. 3.7x ~ Ver. 3.8x TWAIN 1.7
EPSON Scan Ver. 3.9 or later TWAIN 1.9
EPSON Scan Ver. 5.1 or later TWAIN 2.1