Supported Capabilities

The following list is supported capabilities in EPSON TWAIN driver. Depends on driver version and option unit, some capabilities are not supported.

CAP_AUTOFEED MSG_SET to TRUE to enable Source’s automatic feeding
CAP_AUTOMATICSENSEMEDIUM MSG_SET to TRUE to enable automatic switch of feeder/flatbed
CAP_AUTOSCAN MSG_SET to TRUE to enable Scanner’s pre-scanning
CAP_CLEARPAGE MSG_SET to TRUE to eject the current page and leave the feeder acquire area empty (Multi Photo Feeder only)
CAP_CUSTOMDSDATA Indicates if getting/setting of scan parameter list is supported
CAP_DEVICEONLINE Determines if hardware is on and ready
CAP_DUPLEX Indicates whether the scanner supports duplex
CAP_DUPLEXENABLED MSG_SET to TRUE to scan both sides of a paper; otherwise, scan only one side of the image
CAP_ENABLEDSUIONLY Indicates if Sources built-in user interface for setting is supported
CAP_FEEDERALIGNMENT Gets alignment position for ADF scanning
CAP_FEEDERENABLED If TRUE, Source’s feeder is available
CAP_FEEDERLOADED If TRUE, Source has documents loaded in feeder (MSG_GET only)
CAP_FEEDPAGE MSG_SET to TRUE to eject the current page and leave the feeder acquire area empty (Multi Photo Feeder only)
CAP_INDICATORS Use the Source’s progress indicator (valid only when ShowUI==FALSE)
CAP_SERIALNUMBER MSG_GET to obtain the serial number that is stored in the scanner
CAP_UICONTROLLABLE Indicates that Source supports acquisitions with UI disabled
CAP_XFERCOUNT The number of sheets of paper to be scanned
ICAP_AUTOMATICDESKEW Specify if automatic de-skew is applied or not
ICAP_AUTOMATICROTATE Specify if automatic rotation is applied or not
ICAP_AUTOSIZE Specify auto size detection
ICAP_BITDEPTH Pixel bit depth for current value of ICAP_PIXELTYPE
ICAP_BITORDER Specifies how the bytes in an image are filled by the Source
ICAP_BRIGHTNESS Source brightness values
ICAP_COMPRESSION Compression method for Buffered Memory Transfers
ICAP_CONTRAST Source contrast values
ICAP_GAMMA Gamma correction value for the image data
ICAP_HALFTONES Square-cell halftone (dithering) matrix to be used
ICAP_IMAGEMERGE Stitch images of front side and back side images
ICAP_ORIENTATION specifies paper feeding orientation
ICAP_PHYSICALHEIGHT Maximum height Source can acquire (in ICAP_UNITS)
ICAP_PHYSICALWIDTH Maximum width Source can acquire (in ICAP_UNITS)
ICAP_PIXELFLAVOR Sense of the pixel whose numeric value is zero
ICAP_PIXELTYPE The type of pixel data (B/W, gray, color, etc.)
ICAP_PLANARCHUNKEY Color data format – Planar or Chunky
ICAP_SUPPORTEDSIZES The sizes that data source supports
ICAP_THRESHOLD Specifies the dividing line between black and white values
ICAP_UNDEFINEDIMAGESIZE MSG_SET to TRUE to enable Auto Size cropping.
ICAP_UNITS Unit of measure (inches, centimeters, etc.)
ICAP_XFERMECH Transfer mechanism – used to learn options and set-up for upcoming transfer
ICAP_XRESOLUTION Current/Available optical resolutions for x-axis
ICAP_XSCALING Source scaling value (1.0 = 100%) for x-axis
ICAP_YRESOLUTION Current/Available optical resolutions for y-axis
ICAP_YSCALING Source scaling value (1.0 = 100%) for y-axis