New Community Feature

We are currently rolling out a soft launch of our Stack Overflow community feature.  Posts tagged with the “epson” tag in Stack Overflow will begin to appear on to increase visibility of questions for Epson team members and other members of our developer community.

This is just the first stage of our community rollout, so expect more features to come in the near-future, including:

  • The ability to sort questions by different tags regarding specific Epson product lines (printers, scanners, wearables, etc.)
  • The ability to sort questions by time, votes, etc. as you are able to normally do on Stack Overflow.
  • Increased engagement with our developer community.
  • Various UX tweaks and improvements.
  • And more!

To have your question appear on this site, just create a new post on Stack Overflow with the “epson” tag included.  Soon, we will release guidelines for how to tag your questions for them to appear in the correct product group.

Additionally, direct contact with Epson team members can still be made through our contact form, which can be found here.